Podcast Dreams

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Yes, I’m thinking of a podcast. No, don’t panic, this isn’t something related entirely to the Pandemic or being a Dude With Opinions. It’s something I’ve been considering since before the Pandemic hit.

(The Pandemic HAS made me more desperate for human contact, so won’t lie, it plays into it).

So anyway, my idea would be to start a podcast that I do every week or every other week depending on my plans. This would replace one of my usual blog posts probably. Yes I’ve got a subject in mind, but I’m refinining it let’s say.

As noted, I’d been considering this for awhile. When I finally sat down and thought about it, I saw a lot of advantages to podcasts. So I wanted to share.

EASE OF ACCESS: I listen to podcasts when I drive, work out, walk, etc. It’s a way to give people something they can access and enjoy more easily.

PERSONAL: Look I love writing, as can be noticed from a large growing library. But there’s something about a Podcast that just connects you with people!

FORMAT: A podcast is a different format than writing – and as I do public speaking, it’d be fun to try it out.

SKILLS: Making a podcast also intrigues me as I’ll learn new things! Sound control, mic tech, etc.

ACCESSIBLE: Podcasts have so many ways for people to access them! It would let me connect more people. Speaking of . . .

CONNECTION: Yes, this is part of it. To reach people more personally. To team up in podcasts. This would be really nice to try.

So anyway that’s what’s crossing my mind right now. The current plan is to try to develop a proposal, run it by a few people, and probably try it somewhere October-November (when the novel goes to the editor).

Steven Savage