Thoughts on Vacations in 2022

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As a new year starts, it helps to think about our vacations.  I wanted to share something that I learned over the years that provide relaxation.  Or to have time to be creative instead of relaxing, but you can deceive yourself over your plans on your own time.

Years ago, one of my employers had long breaks twice a year – at least a week – and I’ve seen other companies do the same.  It was very relaxing to stop twice a year, regularly, and recover.

In the years that followed, I never really duplicated this.  Sure, I’d take a holiday break and then some days here and there.  Often, I’d take time only when there was an event or I was tired and needed it.  Being a consultant, my available free days fluctuated wildly anyway.

Now, I’m seeing the wisdom of longer, regular breaks, because I’m taking them again.  Oh, and because COVID-19 and working from home showed me how I won’t take time off.  I took all but Monday off the week of Thanksgiving.  I’m taking two weeks for Christmas.  Despite COVID-19 I feel much more relaxed.

I suggest, in the new year, you look for time to take extended stretches off.  Don’t try to cram relaxing into one day or a long weekend.  Take actual breaks if you can.

Considering the Pandemic, we probably all need it anyway.

Steven Savage