Links of the Day, 8/14/2008


North American publisher Digital Manga has launched a beta of an online rental site called eManga, in which subscribers pay a fee to “rent” a title and then have 72 hours to read it online. If it’s a success, it could mean a revolution in the distribution of manga, and maybe even conventional books – not to mention creating jobs for tech types.

To give you an idea of the global scope and reach of anime, a new study shows that it is on the air in more than 60 countries, meaning people might be able to find anime-related careers no matter where they move to!

Video Games

Old favorite Atari has returned to profitability in the first quarter based on the strength of its Dragonball Z and Alone in the Dark games.

The full kit version of Rock Band 2, the sequel to one of the Xbox 360’s biggest hits, has been delayed. Microsoft was supposed to get an early exclusive on the full version, but Xbox owners will now have to wait until other platforms get the game. Note to programmers: If you promise someone a limited-time exclusive, make sure you can deliver!

Bad news for Canadian-based Radical Entertainment: The Vancouver company is laying off 100 employees, just about half its staff. Radical was acquired some time ago by Vivendi, which merged with Activision recently.

FCC documents show that Sony is preparing a new PSP, although the only radical changes so far seem to be cosmetic. However, game developers should keep an ear to the ground for this one.


Computing is about to get faster than ever: USB 3.0 will deliver transfer speeds of up to five gigabytes per second, according to draft specification for a USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Interface (XHCI) Intel has made available to chipset makers.

As if anyone had any doubts that digital music technology was a hot thing nowadays: Apple Inc. is now worth more than Google in net value.

NBC Universal will offer an online-only sci-fi series called Gemini Division on Monday. The series, featuring Rosario Dawson, will be available via NBC’s and Sci Fi Channel’s Web sites. Coming on the heels of NBC’s success with its Olympics streams, this may be the start of an age where YouTubers find their skills very, very wanted by very, very big companies.


Inflation is rising at the largest rate in 17 years. The end result is that things cost more period, something to keep in mind for any career moves, physical moves, and general budget planning. Furthermore, foreclosures are up again, so watch out if you’re getting car loans, home loans, credit cards etc. Also if you’re planning to move, look at the forclosure rate in the area, as that’s going to affect property values and safety.