Links of the Day, 8/15/2008


Even the formerly wealthy are facing diminished job prospects in today’s market. The stories of these people are definitely a cautionary tale to know your industry and not overspecialize unless you have a plan to “re-specialize”

The New York Times takes a look at the psychology of home equity loans and how advertising helped push people into debt. As these practices receive more scrutiny, expect increased change of regulation of financial institutions and their advertising. Also, it’s a good reminder to be extra careful about debt.


Even the seemingly omnipotent dubbing companies can suffer hard times – 4Kids Entertainment reported mounting losses for the first quarter.

Video Games

Old favorite Atari continues to be hot – it has signed a deal to distribute British publisher Empire Interactive’s content in this country.

Also forming valuable partnerships is Electronic Arts, which has inked new deals with Grasshopper Manufacture and Epic Games. Any company that links in with a major-major is a company to keep an eye on.

The House of Mouse may be recruiting game experts in the future, as has added a video games portal.


Social networking enters its next generation, as tween-centered site Stardoll is claiming 20 million members. The tween market is definitely one to keep in mind for just about any geek-centered industry, as parents are VERY willing to spend money on them (two words: Hannah Montana.)