Keep Circulating the books

I read books on careers, personal branding, the job search, and so on.  It's part of my life, part of my hobby (here), and in general I'm a self improvement nut.

However, let's also be honest, books can get pricey and there are also moments when you buy that business book or advice book and find it's not for you.

My advice is, that unless the book is useless (which in that case, head to the used book store), circulate the books among friends.  Make that $20 or $30 you spent mean something – in some cases, others may get more use out of it than you.  It also means a mediocre book gets a chance to be actually useful once it goes through a few hands.

There are plenty of really good books out there on jobs and careers.  This is a method I strongly recommend in order to help each other out.

– Steven Savage