Make your Own Job Title!

Here's an exercise I want you to try – and do it right as you read this.

Sit down and create your ideal job and give it a title.  Do NOT use any existing job description, and do not use any existing job title.  In fact, if you can, when you create that job title, try not to use any words in your current job title if at all possible, even if its close to ideal.

(If you're a fan of fantasy RPGs or games with "class" structures this may be easy for you)

Ready for more?

How did this feel and what challenges did you face?  Do you like the new title for your ideal job?  Why did you choose it?  What does that say about you?

This is a little exercise I derived from a few job search and career exercises.  The fun of it is that you step completely out of the job setereotypes you have (and trust me, you doubtlessly have some) and think out of the box.  Then you have to sum things up in a simple word or set of words that "condenses" that perfect profession into a quick catch phrase – a title.

For some, this can be more than just an exercise – perhaps you've created a title you can sell people on to get them to hire you, create a new title at work, or a title for yourself at your own company or freelance job.  This could be used as a personal branding exercise.

A few examples I found when I did this exercise for other people:

  • Imagery Explorer – For an experimental artist.
  • Personalized Publication Marketer – For a marketing person with a history at specialist magazines.
  • Multi-Media Portrayal Expert – For an actor who does voice, stage, and screen.
  • Language Integrator – A translator who pays special attention to translating not just words, but cultural context.

So, what title did you make for yourself?

EXTRA EXERISE: Imagine your title in a different "genre".  Put a sword-and-sorcery spin on your art and call yourself an "Image Mage."  Go film noir for your work in computer security and call yourself a "Network Detective."  See if this gives you new ideas or inspires you.

– Steven Savage