News of the Day 5/15/2009

A look at the jobs of the future – Erring towards green jobs, but with some interesting insights.

How a Gen Y'er got a dream job in the recession – Some useful personal insight – and he landed a very geeky job!

In parts of Chicago, home foreclosures are now more due to job loss than subprime – Interesting for stats geeks, and a reminder that with multiple crises on top of each other, the effects of one are hard to measure if you just assume.

Web Startups may not need as much from Venture Capital any more – An interesting theory – that is easier to start up, easier to sell off, and in general a case where companies work much faster than they used to.  If this theory holds water, it means more companies are leveraging existing routes, support, markets, and tools – which in turns means existing systems (, Apple's iPhone Apps store, etc.) in turn become more important to the economy.

Video Games:
Venture Beat's Top 12 trends in video games – Very in depth (and rather positive for the cautious VB).  One of the things I didn't consider is the role of 'backfill' in gaming – which is a huge market I think some are exploiting without knowing it.  Worth reading if you're in, want to be in, or interested in the industry.

Game sales take a hit in April – This may or may not be a sign of a trend, so I present it more as a curiosity and a warning.

– Steven Savage