You've got a lot of tasks to do.  A new resume.  New web page.  A better business card design.  Research.  You're overwhelmed.

So, professional geek that you are, you should consider what I call Fansourcing.

Fansourcing is my name for using your fandom connections to outsource business tasks (or other tasks) and make your life easier – and benefiting your fellow fans.

Your fellow fans may have the skills you need – perhaps even ones they use professionally – to accomplish tasks you don't have time, energy, or skill for.  In fact, you may not have even realized just what they can do – and what they can do for you.

* The person maintaining your club website could help you with a personal site.
* The artist you know may help you with flyers for your band or a design for your new business card.
* The person doing all the schedules for your con booklet may also have the publishing knowledge to help you with a great resume.

Right now you probably know a lot of people that can help you with non-geeky tasks.  You can provide them assistance in return, money, or even a reference for their own business or job search.

On the flipside, don't be adverse to being fansourced yourself, or even volunteering for it.  Fansourcing lets you build contacts, skills, friendships, and maybe even your bank account.

So, before you look outside your circle of friends, fans, and geeks to outsource something, consider a look within – you may be surprised.

– Steven Savage