The whole “Thank You” thing.

In a conversation on, several of us were discussing if saying "thank you" in today's overloaded age of email and messages was just wasting people's time.  The overall conclusion was no – even if it added one more email to someone's bursting inbox.

I'm on the side of saying thank you, and wanted to note its importance in career searches and the geeky job world.

First, a "thank you" for an interview, job opportunity, career advice, etc. is indespensible.  It acknowledges the person and lets you know you're greatful, especially important in our age of communication overload.  It closes the conversation so no one feels undully obligated.  Finally, it's a last shot to keep you in mind of a prospective advisor, employer, pertner, etc.

Secondly, I think it makes you stand out.  As a person who markets himself as a kind of Geek-and-more, I like to work hard to be social, funny, and civil.  It's part of my stereotype-fu – being a total geek AND breaking the stereotypes at times (in this case, the idea geeks are antisocial).  Thank-you can make you extra memorable since people may not expect it.

So, say thank you more.  You'd be surprised at how much you and others benefit.

– Steven Savage