Geek Jobs In Your Backyard

We've often spoken on this blog about the need to be open to moving for your career, and that's something that's important. However, there's another side to that coin – there could be "geek career" places right in your vicinity that you don't know about yet.

Case in point: While working on the News of the Day for this blog this week, I discovered, to my surprise, that Majesco Entertainment is in Edison, NJ. That's less than an hour from me. Heck, I visit there quite frequently (they have a mall with a Lush outlet, after all).

You may not know the name Majesco at first – but you're definitely familiar with their product. Their best-known game is the Cooking Mama franchise, so they're not exactly a small fry in the industry. And they have a job listings board right on their site. (No opportunities right now, unfortunately, but you can bet I'm going to be checking back for marketing/public relations jobs in the future).

I was under the impression that American video game companies were all on the West Coast or in Canada. I never dreamed that such a geeky company would be in my own backyard.

You may have opportunities around you that you didn't even know were there. There might be an outlet of a video game company, an online retailer, a software designer, etc. within a 50-mile radius of where you live. Do some research, Google a few company names to find out locations. You may get some pleasant surprises.

After all, geeks are everywhere, and so are geek jobs.