Keeping It Together in the Job Search

I know a lot of people on job searches.  I know a lot of people unhappy with their jobs.  I hear from them a lot.  There's a lot of advice I can give but there is one important piece often missed.

In a job search, or when having a lousy job, take care of yourself.

  • Keep yourself sane by taking breaks, going to counseling, talking to friends, etc.
  • Keep yourself healthy because the last thing you need is health issues.
  • Keep yourself on task by improving skills and job search abilities.
  • Keep yourself involved by talking with people, hanging out, working with your church, etc. 

Doign these things is important for several reasons.

First, if you keep it together you can find a job or find a better job.  If you fall apart, you'll only make things worst.

Secondly, if you keep grounded and growing, you'll open up new opportunities to get it right.
Third, it keeps you from draining your resources – financial, social, etc. so you have the resources you need to go on, and succeed.

So, take care of yourself.  The foundation to succeed is your own sanity and health.

– Steven Savage