News of the Day 6/10/2009

Where the corporate headquarters are – A good read for general understanding and possible relocation.

Mashable's weekly list of Social Media jobs

Was college it's own bubble? – And a bubble that's burst? Having seen prices go up over the years (with comparatively less return), I think there may be something to this. Will this make degrees easier to get, or further change dynamics?

Our deficit hole for America – A quick snapshot, linking to a larger article. Unfortunately a lot of partisan sniping in the comments despite attempts to moderate them, but the rough summary stands that the past administration caused huge deficits, and the current administration isn't that interested in fixing them. Not only interesting economically, but this one is rocketing across the internet, so I'm vaguely hoping it will affect economic policies . . . vaguely.

Crunchyroll makes distribution deal to use Akamai technologies – beyond being news NOT about Crunchyroll's latest distribution (that's here), it shows the breakout site is continuing to evolve, and is willing to make deals to improve service. Also, I'll throw in my usual about how great middleware is to work for.

Viz is putting it's Media channel on Playstation 3 with Naruto, Bleach, and Death note. A good example of using an easy-to-code for channel to get more viewers. At this rate, how many channels will we got on consoles? This is giving me flashbacks to the assorted premium channels of cable . . .

Social Media:
Facebook will start providing named domains – And the rush will be on to get them. I have been surprised these haven't been available before, but such is the way it goes – and this is why I reccomend getting a few URLs for yourself that you can redirect to other sites. Go top-level.

Read this one (and get to the main story if you can): Smart phones may not be optional because they're becoming much like email and indeed are becoming part of social norms. The article makes some good points, and I have to say that I'm seeing the same effect – I use Twitter and text messaging many times a day and I don't see this decreasing as I carry on actual conversations. Encouraging for smartphone technology (and those of you in the smartphone industry), but also a good general career/life warning AND more to speculate on – what else is becoming indespensible we haven't noticed in the world of geekery . . .

Why Bing's success may not last – A good read. Bing doesn't seem bad, but it doesn't seem to differentiate itself beyond a pretty nice interface.

Craigslist is online to make a tidy revenue this year.

Thinking of building an iPhone App? here's some advice. As Bonnie noted earlier, the iPhone app isn't the key to fame and riches, but this may help.

Google may start acquiring startups again.

Video Games:
Ouch. An analyst calls the PSP Go a ripoff. I can't say I'm that impressed, but this isn't a good start.

Just why Turbine made D&D Online free-to-play – It also sounds like a bit of an experiment, and since they're experimenting, we should ALL be watching.

BabelFlex releases updated NavPower tool – This is the company that did the pathfinding software I'd mentioned, that had impressed me at GDC. Sounds like they're jumping on ahead pretty well.

-Steven Savage