Brilliance Unrealized

A strange thing holds us back at time – not a lack of good ideas for our careers, our art, our lives, but too many of them.

We run around trying to implement them all – and fail.  We worry over what idea to use, what technique to try, what code to develop – and get less done.  At time's we're just frustrated – at least when we had writer's block or other creative stagnation we weren't trying to decide between multiple good things.

I encounter this situation more often than I may expect.  I do encounter a lot of people who are 'blocked', but I'd say for every two or three people I encounter who have some kind of creative/career block, I encounter one who has too many good ideas.  If you're a progeek or aspiring Otariiman, you've probably been in that situation a few times.

The sad truth is, you can't implement all your bright ideas.

This is hard to accept, but you have to admit it.  I take comfort in realizing this – and applying a few strategies to ensure ideas are respected or don't go to waste.

* As noted I keep a Brainstorm book for review.  This way I keep track of ideas and at least have a shot of implementing them.
* Review ideas regularly – some don't work, so a good Brainstorm book gives you something to return to.
* I pass ideas on to others if I'm not going to use them.  Someone else can make use of them after all.
* Fuse ideas.  An amazing amount of good ideas work well together.

So, you'll never use all your great ideas.  Accepting that and working on an idea management strategy can help you maximize your use of them – and accept the fact you won't use them all.

– Steven Savage