News of the Day 6/18/2009

Tips on how to Avoid job Placement scams. A good read as there are a lot of people trying to take advantage of job seekers.

Top 50 Companies recruiting on twitter – Didn't know they recruited on Twitter? Me either.

Tips and tools to evaluate your Twitter following – A lot to think of here, a lot to use, so take it carefully.

Slight improvement in unemployment – but overall pretty lousy.

Last week Governor Schwarzenegger of California called for a move to e-textbooks to save money, and textbook publisher Pearson wants on the bandwagon. We'll see where this goes (if California gets some federal help this program could vanish), but if it succeeds it further legitimizes e-publishing, and could change access to technology in schools – making it unavoidable in the state. If it saves money, expect people to duplicate the efforts. Potential career area here – advising and researching e-books for public facilities like schools.

Kid-friendly comic site collects kid-friendly webcomics Kidjutsu. Has some new tech, profit-sharing, and hands-on people running it. As I see this as a good example of a specialty market, I think it has some potential – and if they expanded offerings, it could become an age-focused specialty site. Some potential there, watch to see if it develops (and thus means jobs and copycats).

Social Media:
Can we leave out Mashables Social Media Job Roundup? We can't? (or try not to).

T-mobile to offer Android Phone next quarter – It's a Chinese made phone and the release is only in Europe – for now. Still, Android moves on.

Yahoo is selling off domains it owns – Sounds like a sign of desperation to me.

Video Games:
A few changes among Sega Executives – Not sure if it heralds anything for the ever-chaotic world of Sega, but in this market, keep watching.

China will have new crackdown on games – Good luck with that.

EA is in 'investment mode' – A lot of what's coming seems to be an online/social media shift, which would probably work out well for them. See where their money goes – though remember after their recent past, they probably want to make a LOT back, so anyone they invest in they will have big expectations for.

– Steven Savage