PROS: Easy to use, convenient, provides some excellent services, currently free.
CONS: Social Media Profile feature is simple and is more of a personal profile or supplimental site.

SUMMARY: A quick and easy way to track your social media involvements and make them easily accessible to people.  Worth the free price, and actually worth the nominal yearly fee they may eventually charge for some services, depending on your needs.

With all the social media out there there's a little problem with connecting to people centrally – as well as remembering which of the insane amount of social media sites you signed up for.  How can people find you on different social media sites, how can you track them all, and frankly, how can you centralize all this? is one of the solutions, and in my experience, one of the best ones. is a site that acts as a social media profile aggregatior and management tool.  First you create a profile and enter as much information as you deem necessary to display publicly, including memberships (but not personal data) for social media sites.  As of this writing, Retaggr supports links to over 180 social media sites, as well as creating links for professional association, game ID codes, and more.  They openly solicit suggestions for expansion.

With this information, produces two things.

1) An embeddable social media card that you can put on websites and in emails for convenient access for people.  It turns any site profile into a one-stop shop for your information, and is very slick.  This gives you the ability to turn any website, any email, into a way for people to meet you and reach you via social media.  You can see mine on the about page of this site.
2) A social media profile site with your social media,profiles, contact info, and even widgets you choose to embed.  This makes it a convenient "meta-profile" page to sort of provide a single place for people to see your information and social media involements.

(This of course is beyond the extreme convenience of tracking all this information in the firs tplace).

Right now there's a free Preimum service (which will eventually cost, probably about $9.99 a year) that expands some of the widgets you can use in the central profile page, and map a domain directly to that page.  Essentially it lets you make your combined social media profile a personal website.

There's no reason NOT to use Retaggr – I use the embeddable cards on several websites and find them very clean, convenient, and professional.  It gives me the ability to track and innovate on what social media I use.  In fact, if the cards required a nominal yearly fee (say $5-$10.00 a year), I'd probably pay it.

The social media profile is a bit less impressive.  It's a generic-looking profile, not bad, but it boils down to being no different than any other social media profile you've seen.  It's  definitely not something I'd use in place of a professional site (it is good as a placeholder or emergency however).  Considering its convenience and the site's services, it's an inexpensive substitute for a personal page.  If does create more professional layout and design options, then they'll have a winner for creating an easy-to-make professional page, and I have hope they'll expand in the future.

So overall? is a must use even if you don't use all of it.  It's easy, it has an incredible amount of features, and it gives you some great tools for free that would probably be worth paying for.

Check it out.

– Steven Savage