Review of

PROS: A gigantic, constantly-updated news/blog aggregator for tech news, putting articles in context and helpful hierarchies.

CONS: Story focus is largely based on popularity of discussion as opposed to relevancy.

SUMMARY: An indispensable news gathering system that gives you a good snapshot of what people are talking about technology-wise.  Unless your career and hobbies are very distant from technology (and if you're reading this they're probably not), you should subscribe to it in RSS feed or read it once or twice day.

Techmeme is one of those aggregator sites that takes content from a variety of sources and puts it all on one page.  For the fan and progeek however it's of interest for a few reasons.

First it's about technology.  Techmeme is basically all tech news all the time, culled from a variety of sources (in fact, you can see the major sources listed here:  It's a continually updated stream of geeky tech news.

Secondly, it aggregates things by relations and puts it in a visible hierarchy based on a variety of factors (human and content) to let you see what's important and whose talking about it, and talking about each other.  Each major story is a "unit" linked to a major story source or referred page, and you then can find discussions on it below, connecting to blogs and other sites.

Together, Techmeme gives you a great view on the technical news of the hour, and ways to find analysis of it.  Even a quick read of the page, without visiting any of the linked sites, gives you a fast snapshot of what's being discussed in tech.

There's really no reason NOT to put Techmeme in your daily new.

– Steven Savage