Review: Personal Branding Blog


PROS: Covers a variety of personal branding issues, often with a sense of humor.  Has a useful "beginner" section in the "About" and a variety of resources.

CONS: Wide variety may limit usefulness.  Requires some time if you're not used to personal branding.  Blog does play a role in promotion of its members (as to be expected).  Blog is definitely focused on its subject – nothing extraneous here.

SUMMARY: A diverse resource for personal branding, worth at least temporarily putting into your newsfeed to see if you'll use it.

The Personal Branding Blog is of course, the blog of branding guru Dan Schwabel and others.  Shwabel is the author of Me 2.0, reviewed in this blog before, and a general branding guru focusing on Gen Y.

That being said, name recognition doesn't mean there's good content, but the content, provided by Dan and a number of contributors, is actually pretty good.  There's a lot of ground covered, from electronic media to plastic surgery's role in the job search (rough summary – shortcut, bad idea).  I usually find at least one article a week that teaches me something.

There's also a well-organized About section that is great to ramp people up on the personal branding experience and principles.  The blog is meant for pros, but does try to be accessible, and maintains a friendly feel over all.  Pleasing to me, it covers an even wider ground than Schwabel's Me 2.0.

There are a few flaws – the blog obviously also helps promote those there, which may annoy some (I'm used to it, blogs are often part of self-branding), and the subject matter can swing wildly all over the world of personal branding because there's a lot of ground to cover.  These are minor compared to the overall usefulness of the blog – and in the case of the wide ground covered, can be an advantage.

This is a great blog to subscribe to if you're into Personal branding, and definitely worth a visit to understand what it is (and what it isn't).  Put it in the must-try category of your business and career blogs.