Convention Spotlight: Ani-Magic- the Autumn Dream

Ani-Magic is a
convention in Palmdale California that takes place in October.  They
have an interesting way of helping the convention serve the
professional needs of those on staff according to their Vice-Chair: 
the convention itself is a training ground.

The idea used at Ani-Magic is that the con itself should be run as
professionally as possible.  Positions, processes, etc. are all done
like they would be in a business.  The result is the convention itself
is a growth opportunity for people to gain business skills and
metaskills, as well as getting valuable experience applying their
abilities to a large endeavor like a convention.

This idea is one that any convention could leverage – getting
people experienced in business processes to help the convention run (or
studying up on them yourself), using appropriate practices, etc. is a
great way for people to get experience with running something
professional.  I also imagine it's far easier to put such information
on a resume or use it in a job interview – and to use people as references

Additionally, the convention has actively sought to have speakers
who can discuss jobs and careers and actively seeks out more of all

Some great ideas going on with this convention.  Keep
their ideas in mind – and if you're in southern California, this
convention looks like one worth attending – and working on.

– Steven Savage