News of the Day 8/7/2009

Networking tips for shy people

Social Media:
The whole Twitter/Facebook/Livejournal Denial of service attack was apparently against one anti-Russian blogger. I'm sure there's more to shake out, so let's see what's next. Career tip here: as the internet and social media become more ubiquitous, more companies will get dragged into regional issues. A little more here.

More info and more theories on the Apple Tablet – I'm increasingly biased towards the idea it's more of a giant iPhone than a true Netbook. Which of course means its basically a netbook, but still. If it IS more of a giant i-not-Phone this may also be a boost to iPhone app writers (if Apple doesn't pull their software . . .), and may open a few new fronts in the Netbook arena – because face it, it's in the netbook space.

On the subject of Apple, the iPhone store mess still has legs and has gone as far as higher-ups emailing bloggers and a well known Apple booster getting VERY bitter. As predicted, there's apparently an undercurrent of resentment of apple out there over the iPhone handling. To boot, ever consider how the app store handles customer relations for developers?

So just why does Google want with On2? A few theories here, the most interesting are that A) they're consolidating their video work, and B) the possibility of building a gaming platform. I'm not sure anymore, but to lean to the wild side, since Google's been working to mess with Apple and Microsoft, a gaming system (or Chrome OS based game system) would seriously throw Microsoft off (as well as Nintendo and Sony).

Did you know Adobe Acrobat Reader is a major target of malicious attacks? A scary read that notes Adobe may have to learn from . . . Microsoft. Good ammo for security concerns if you're in IT, and important period. As I've said about Flash, Adobe is very omnipresent, but people don't pay attention to that very much.

Microsoft actually got the domain – Which must have been costly (though probably not to them). That's a great bit of branding for their web version of Office – and the Everything Wars continue . . .

Video Games:
Is the Marvel MMO back in production? Seems like it. Of course with City of Heroes, Champions, and DCU it's awful crowded, but Marvel does have a big name draw advantage – and a load of films coming out. Toss a resume out to the studio and see what happens. I can easily see this being cross-promoted with the films they have planned – if they can get it out in time. A big push could mean jobs . . . and on that superheroic subject, an analysis of why Champions should worry City of Heroes.

The push continues to have Philadelphia's government encourage the gaming industry there. I see this as possible if Philly gets it right – Philadelphia is in an absolutely ideal location for it physically, has its history and culture, and is a good bet in general. On that subject – are you working to get fan/geeky jobs and companies supported in your community?

-Steven Savage