Welcome to the Fan To Pro Library.  Here you’ll find articles, resources, and links to important series in the blogs.  Updated 1/9/2011.





  • Epic Resume Go! – A Geektastic guide to how your resume is like a story.
  • A Guide to Fansourcing – Go on and try – or use – fansourcing, the activity of turning to fandom for skills!


  • Convention Ideas – An ongoing series exploring ideas for fan-to-pro events at conventions, as well as profiling conventions with interesting events for the career-oriented geeks.
  • Stereotype-Fu – An on-again/off-again series (with it’s own tag) about how people can turn stereotypes used against them as fans and geeks to their advantage.
  • The Viability of Virtual Stars – How the creation of Virtual Stars may be a viable ventures.
  • I Have a Job They Don’t – Tips on using your progeekery and position to help others looking for work.
  • Promoting Professional Geekery – How you can promote the Fan-To-Pro ideal!