News of the Day 8/13/2009

Google reader is your key to being a subject matter expert – A nice explanation of a simple but useful technique – a good series of news feeds educates you fast.

Anime and Manga:
More on Tokyopop's publishing of manga online – They seem enthused about it (and oddly historical about it). Also interesting they were syncing with Free Comics day, showing good market awareness.

A lego movie. No, really. Unless they get the folks behind Lego Star wars or make it a heck of a parody, this sounds lame. Side note – there also is a Tom and Jerry movie coming. At some point you guys are going to run out of stuff to recycle into films . . .

Not always visible in the e-book wars are the document wars. It appears that DocStoc is expanding to allow for document purchases, going beyond document sharing. A bit of a glimpse into other worlds of text content and technology. I'm going to keep an eye on this as an interesting e-publishing solution.

The ever-insightul Fitz and Jen give their ideas on Sony's e-book reader. They simply note Sony's strategy is providing an open reader in a market of closed readers. Simple, to the point, and pretty effective. (And shout out to Bonnie – what if you could get e-books via your PS3?)

Social Media:
40% of Tweets are useless babble to that all I can say is 'duh.' An amazing amount of human conversations are babble or maintenance or "sonar" statements to see if someone is still listening. I hope this doesn't result in yet ANOTHER round of Twitter-is-useless pseudo-intellectual discussions . . . I'd like to think the issue of Twitter was settled in the last few months.

How to earn trust via social media – Aimed at entrepreneurs and business, good advice and general.

A hot and spicy bit of insider info on the Apple tablet – Big note here is that, according to [redacted] it will be a netbook like computer, a webcam, AND a peripheral for a regular mac. As oddball as that may seem at first, I can see Apple thinking they'd increase sales by making it a laptop/desktop companion. Still if the price is the $700 to $900 I hear I'm not quite sure that's going to fly – it's really not a netbook so much as a netbook AND an expensive peripheral.

Video Games:
Social games and media are sucking in more Big name game talent. A little demographic to watch. I myself wonder if the social media/gaming division isn't overly artifical anyway . . .

Finally, there may be a new Godzilla movie. This is not career-relevant but . . . you know, GODZILLA.

-Steven Savage