Some thoughts on career and mobility

With many of my friends and family looking at career changes, many of them also talk relocation.  I'm consolidating a few random thoughts on relocation, with a fan-to-pro/geek-pro viewpoint here.

* Consider how permanent a move may be – as painful as it may be, a relocation close to but not at an eventual goal may be a good thing.  If you want to go to a particular city relocating nearby, in the same state, etc. as a temporary measure for a few years may be a good idea.  If you can find a job easier in a nearby location that lets you plan the final stage of your move, get a job in a lousy economy, and scope out your intended destination.

* Consider a tryout if possible.  Are there friends and family in a location you can live with for a few months to see if you like it and can find work?  It's tough, and can be scary, but may be a good bet.  It's also a good way to push yourself.

* If your career or job involves a lot of travel, or will, you may want to look at a good hub city as a possible relocation destination (permanent or temporary).  If you plan to fly all over the country, Chicago or St. Louis, for instance, could be good choices.  Even if transport hub cities are not your first choice, they may be good for awhile – and face it, it'll be easier to leave . . .

* Keep educational facilities in mind when you relocate because training is going to be vital to keep up with things in the future (not that it ever was NOT important).  Don't just think notable universities – see what kind of adult education, training companies, etc. are nearby.  I once had an interview with a company located right next to a major university – that definitely had me interested since classes would be easier to take with a walk right after work.

* Whatever you do, keep a city's fannish and geek life in mind – you do NOT want to end up in a personal cultural wasteland long-term (a few months maybe).  Go online and check meetups, conventions, groups, events, etc. in detail.  You'd be surprised what places do AND don't have fannish or geek culture.

So that's just some random thoughts from your friendly pro-geek blogger.  Anything you want to add?

– Steven Savage