News of the Day 8/14/2009

Tips on Resume Keywords – We're all geeks here, so I'm sure we'd get ideas of how to use this . . .

Europe is recovering ahead of the US – Despite some predictions by respected economists.  Frankly I think they had less deep systemic problems than the US, and my guess is the different approach to physical and social infrastructure is helpful.  More in the next article to think of . . .

A few US economic myths to chew over. Most noteable is a surprising lack of entrepreneurship, which I've been reading of for years.

News and Publishing:
Hyperlocal is big for news – and may now be for advertising.  This is big for news, but makes me wonder what other opportunities will be available for webcomics, conventions, travel, etc.

Mixed feelings on the Google Book settlement: Author's Guild is for it, National Writer's Union ISN'T.  I've said legal issues will be complicating content issues/content wars, and this is just one.  It's not over – and it suggests what kind of factional battles can start over content issues.

Social Media
2/3 of Markets use Social Media – Anyone surprised?

Basic professional networking tips for Facebook

The Army using wiki structure to edit field manuals?.  Very intriguing on a number of levels.  First, it will help make wiki-methods more accepted in government and in general.  Secondly, another testimony to good wiki skills.  Third – if you're trying to sell your company on using wiki tech, here's another justification.

Twitter may be used as a way to control botnets by some . . . well, its time to bash Twitter according to my calendar.  Still, the usual growing pains one sees in a technology.

And finally . . . There is a LOLCat Off Broadway musical

– Steven Savage