Freedom and Passion

You want to live your passion like all of us.  You have dreams, you have ideas, you want to bring them out.  There's something that burns in your heart to be born.  Yet, something constrains you . . .

Or perhaps you don't have that burning.  You're passionless.  Something was once alive in your mind, inspirations grew and prospered, but it's gone now.  Life is dull and drugery.  What happened?

In both cases, I'd lay pretty good odds that what you're experiencing is a loss of freedom.

Passion requires freedom.  If you feel free you can dream, you can imagine – and you can make things a reality.  Freedom keeps your mind from being locked up and confined in chains of your own thoughts, freedom keeps you from directing your energies at anything BUT special deep dreams and ambitions.  Without freedom, passion slowly turns from flames to flickering embers.

If you want to express passion, you need freedom.

Freedom is easy to mix up with other things.  Money can be assumed to be freedom – but the method of earning it and keeping it can be confining.  Fame can be seen as freedom as it gives you many opportunities – only to build a confining image around you and leave you in the spotlight and unyielding gaze of others.  Freedom is often mixed up with the tools you can use to have it.

Freedom actually is the ability to make choices and take the consequences in your situation.  Choice is freedom (even when the choices are kind of lousy)

We all face tradeoffs and issues.  We all face limitations.  We face things and people that squash our initiatives.  Some of us face truly awful situations where the choices are between bad and worse.

Still, Freedom is the ability to make choices and take the consequences.  When you give that up, you're not free.

If you want to live your passions, start being free.  Start making choices and dealing with the results because it's whats truly important to you.  Accept that choices may bring hardship, derision, long hours, or a need for great endurance – and that if you make them, you are free.

I'm pretty sure if you manage to live free, your passions will come out or be rekindled.  To not live free is to live without passion.

I'd say it's better to live free.

– Steven Savage