The Economic downturn and Profans

I've wondered if the Economic downturn is encouraging or discouraging profans and progeeks.

On one hand the economy is bad and people don't want to take chances.  It's hard to live your dreams when you're worried about layoffs, health care, housing prices, etc.  It's often a taking a chance to try and go live your dreams, and its hard when you want to be sure you can pay the bills.  Worse, a tough economy means less chance to fall back on friends and family if there's a crisis.

On the other, when the economy is lousy, a lot of people may take chances since they have less to loose – and may as well do what they like since they'll put more effort into it.  The tough economy may also heighten people's commitment and survival instincts, getting them riled up and thinking outside of the box.  The stress also makes you ask what is TRULY important to you.

I'm really not sure.  Despite my sort-of-pessimism about the current economy, I actually see a bit more enthusiasm than over-caution among the fannsih pros I know and would-be-fannish pros.  This surprises me a bit as I just assume everyone would be a lot more cautious.

This is probably helped by the fact that despite the economic and corporate battles, there is a lot of geeky work out there – technology, content, movie effects, etc.  We fans and geeks have an easier time than some.

Either way it encourages me a bit.  These are tough times – might as well make your life worth it.  It's hard work but it's a good life.

– Steven Savage