Fandom: Take time to share

Are you a successful geek?  Are you a fangirl gone pro?  Please consider a chance to give to the your fellow fans.

I'm not talking a donation of money or time (though that would be nice), but take a moment to share your success story with someone who isn't feeling that they can make it in the world of professional geekery.  Don't talk about yourself too much, but instead show them how you made it and how they can too.

I talk about role-models now and then as great ways to find guides to success, but truth be told you may be a good role model yourself, you may not realize it (maybe that time you brushed your teeth with bengay still haunts you).  It's important to share that with others, especially in times of need.

Remind people you made it.  Tell them how you did it – THEN help them figure out how they can make it too.  Maybe they can follow some things you did, maybe you can suggest other ways.  Either way, show them you made it – so they know they can too.

You might find you've become a role model.

Good luck.

– Steven Savage