Go Farther: MMOs

There's a lot of great properties out there that could make kick-butt MMOs.  As I've speculated I can see a lot of companies looking into making MMOs to maximize return, keep people involved, and extend their brands.

So I asked myself what properties would make good MMOs?  I'm sure I'll come back to this again, but here's what springs to mind off the top of my head:


  • PROS: Naruto is popular.  Everyone likes crazy ninja-action.  It is well-known.
  • CONS: In some cases Naruto has vastly overstayed it's welcome.  The obscenely powerful characters would be hard to implement.
  • BEST WAY TO DO IT: Naruto should be set in the future (or past) of the world to avoid the current plotlines and be envisioned as more a Naruto-branded Power Ninja Game.  Base it more on Superhero games for gameplay.  Create it as a side brand, perhaps with the launch of a sequel series in the same setting.
  • CHANCE OF SUCCESS: Medium – likely not to fail but may have trouble going really big.  It would require a careful bit of timing, development, and branding to make it work.

I know there is a more simple MMO available for this property, but I see potential for a much more epic-scale production.

  • PROS: A well-defined world in a well-received series that also has a series of live movies  coming out.  Kicky-fun mystic martial arts action.
  • CONS: Brand may have had its time come and gone.  Implementation of an MMO would require careful balance for distance audiences.  Would require the right publicity campaign.  Character abilities are environment-dependent so gameplay would have to be carefully planned (your Earthbender can't do much on a blimp).
  • BEST WAY TO DO IT: Move the setting into the future so people can experience what happens after the series ends (as I am still watching it, perhaps that is not possible – I haven't seen the end).  Leverage some of the steampunk elements to explain faster transportation.  Work in the various powers and carefully design environmental effects.
  • CHANCE OF SUCCESS: Mixed – either decent to excellent success or serious failure.  The series may have had its time, it would be dependent on the films to review interest.  Best done as part of other efforts in the same setting.


  • PROS: Space policemen with willpower-powered superweapons is an instant sell.  Good reputation.  Could make for creative gaming.  Make customizable alien races.
  • CONS: Would have to be a its own thing separate from the DC MMO.  Could have marketing issues.  Power sets would require some careful development.  Endlessly reworked continuity to deal with.
  • BEST WAY TO DO IT: Its complete own thing separate from the DCU.  Power sets would have to be very creative and probably require some custom designing.  Semi-random mission generators.  Play up the heavy social aspect with social areas.
  • CHANCE OF SUCCESS: Medium with a chance for long-term.  It could dilute the DCU MMO brand, but a tight focus increases chance of success, and the GL Corps are well known.

So a few ideas for the future.  Maybe you'll be one of the people to push these (or if you think I'm full of it, stop them).  Any others?

– Steven Savage