Your Fandom Edges

We all have things we're good at.  Maybe you're a leader.  Maybe you're an artist.  Maybe you're the Funny Guy, the Support Person, etc.  We all have our edges.

Your fandom is often vital to maintaining these edges – it's one of the many reasons you shouldn't discount it.

What we do in fandom, as I have gone on endlessly here and elsewhere, is usually an expression of ourselves, of who we really are.  It often comes from very deep places in our psyches that we may not otherwise be aware of.

Fandom also is an expression of what we do and what we like to do, what we're good at.  We may love art, or role-play games.  We may love sports history or writing stories.

Fandom is often about expressing your personal edges and your special skills.

That's why it's vital, for your peace of mind, for your career, to not take it for granted.

Our hobbies express who we are, what we do – and reinforce and improve these things, especially if we're aware of the benefits our hobbies have.  They make us better, stronger – and more "us."

So don't look down on your fandom.  It tells you a lot about yourself.  It expresses what you like.  Take it seriously – in the right way.

It's about your own, personal edges.

– Steven Savage