Go Farther: Old Games

This is part of a new category of posts designed to explore business ideas, properties, etc. that we here at Fan To Pro think MORE can be done with.  The idea is to look at media properties, technology, games, entertainment, etc. that we wish the owners/authors/makers of did more with – and make suggestions.

The goal is to give you, the profan, more ideas, stimulate your imagination – and of course to get a few things off our chests.

My subject today?  Physical games.

I'm old-school as a gamer.  I have the Doctor Who board game (you knew there was one, didn't you?), played early D&D, etc.  I remember when computer games,cool as they were, consisted of a few different colors, long load times, and limited content.  Sure "Wizardry" was cool, but there was nothing like a real RPG with some friends and self-made dungeons, or a good game of Talisman.

There are a lot of GREAT games out there that seem to be forgotten, but are good properties, and probably have nostolgia value – and historical value.

Having seen "Settlers of Caatan" on X Box Live, I've been thinking that a lot of these companies and individuals with game properties for board games, card games, etc. should start taking a look at releasing them in electronic formats.

A few titles:
* Talisman – The re-release of this fantasy-RPG board game didn't thrill me, but the basic idea of the game – and a lot of its crazy elements, would go over great today.  A fun game where players advenutres as any number of unique characters is a game I have fond memories of, and the different ways you'd come up with to mess with your friends was always enjoyable.  There's been some talk of making a game of it officially, but nothing game of it

* Chainsaw Warrior – Chainsaw warrior could probably be thought of as "Doom the Board game" – it was an entire, colorful, solo RPG where you created and equipped a unique character, then entered a building taken over by a malicious otherworldly force.  These days it'd be excellent revived as an iPhone game.

* Iron Dragon – Before Link started on the Spirit Tracks, Iron Dragon was there in the world of fantasy trains.  You'd play a train magnate in a world of ORcs, Elves and monsters, laying tracks, running cargo, and dealing with assorted events unique to the setting.  It had a lot of personality, was easy to play yet required strategy and, hey – fantasy trains.

I'm sure there's many games out there that could be moved from physical format to electronic – some whole, some with tweaks or improvements.  The audience might be limited, but with DLC , nostalgia, and increasing audiences of gamers (who may remember older games), I can see it working.  This is a geek/fan market, but with the right name recognition, it may work – and if nothing else, such releases could be works of love by a dedicated team doing it as a hobby.

So, you have your marching orders . . .

– Steven Savage