Games, Sustainability, And Expectations

(This column is posted at and Steve’s Tumblr.  Find out more at my newsletter.) Lately, I got into the game “Portal Knights,” a charming Minecraft-meets-Action RPG video game. It takes a lot of lessons from various games and combines then … Continue reading

Civic Geek Catalog Update 1/4/2015

Diverse focus this week, though I still have a lot of literacy-based charities I need to include (there are many out there). And don’t forget you can find causes sorted by Geekery or by Focus! STEM Female Geeks Geek Girl Dinners … Continue reading

Civic Geek Catalog Update 11/30/2014

The latest update for the Civic Geek Catalog is here.  We’ve got things for STEM, Video Games, and Writing enthusiasts! The catalog is also sorted by Geekery and by Category!  154 entries and climbing!  I hope to do some resorting and … Continue reading

Civic Geek Catalog Update 11/15/2014

First of all, the Geek Catalog is now the Civic Geek Catalog AND it has it’s own website at CivicGeek.Com – still sorted by Geekery And Category – with more to come! General Culture Project: Courtesy And Consequences – A comics … Continue reading

Geek Catalog Update 11/9/2014

It’s your weekly update of Citizen Geek Resources! First of all the full lists now have in-page links since they’ve gotten huge – you can find them sorted by Geeky Interest or Specific Focus. With Blizzcon ending, I figured this … Continue reading

An Interview With the Video Game History Museum Director Sean Kelly!

The Videogame History Museum has been looking for a home – and I’ve been looking to interview Geek Citizens.  I heard about their latest opportunity – settling down in Frisco, Texas, and that’s a great time to talk to the … Continue reading