Fallen London: Why It Works

(This column is posted at www.StevenSavage.com, www.SeventhSanctum.com, and Steve’s Tumblr) I found Failbetter Games browser-based adventure game Fallen London via it’s Kickstarted sister game, Sunless Sea, a kind of nautical rogue like of comedy-horror-adventure. I quickly took to Fallen London’s playable-novel … Continue reading

An Interview With Sean Mann of Napland Games

  Sean Mann and his company, Napland Games (which he runs with his wife, Shannon), create casual games for mobile devices, Windows, and Mac. They’re four games in, self-taught, and working to promote their latest venture, Sudoku In Space. So … Continue reading

Competence Porn In Fiction Versus Gaming

I loved the article io9 did about the loss of Competence Porn (watching competent people do competent things) in SF. It noted how many SF stories had lost that element, leaving us with assorted “average” guys, non-scientists, and the like … Continue reading