Super Mario Brothers The Movie: One Of The Worst And Why

[Yes, I know I usually do career and citizenship posts here.  But part of a good career and good citizenship is not making terrible movies.  In the light of Scott’s analysis of Super Mario Brothers, I wanted to put in … Continue reading

Make It So: The Trailer Film Of Trailers

Awhile ago I mentioned how Serdar and I had discussed the way film companies could act as incubators for smaller, less pricey movies. The risk is lowered, the chance for success is good (and perhaps higher without Save The Cat … Continue reading

Avoiding The Apocalypse? PoTC Film Pushed Back To 2016

Remember that idea that 2015 would be a big movie meltdown?  Sounds like others may be taking it seriously as the next PoTC film is being pushed back to 2016.  Of course if every film flees 2015 that could produce a … Continue reading

Competence Porn In Fiction Versus Gaming

I loved the article io9 did about the loss of Competence Porn (watching competent people do competent things) in SF. It noted how many SF stories had lost that element, leaving us with assorted “average” guys, non-scientists, and the like … Continue reading

The Age of the Dark Knight of Steel: Getting More Cynical About Comics Adaptions

It’s no secret that I’m one of the people here at MuseHack who is expecting a Hollywood meltdown to happen (or the current one to get worse). There’s too much going on, too much going wrong, too many checklists trying … Continue reading

Does io9 Get It Right About SF and “Competence Porn”?

Well worth reading.  Rough summary, SF has diverged from “Competence Porn” – the joy of seeing smart and skilled people do smart and skilled things.  I agree with the thesis that this has happened, but not his explanations.  In fact … Continue reading

Actually, I Suspect ‘Lone Ranger’ Just Kind of Sucks

Between Bruckheimer’s complaints and Depp and Hammer blaming critics, it appears a lot of people are not taking the failure of “Lone Ranger” very well.  This is a reaction I’m not used to seeing since it sounds like it’ll only … Continue reading