Actually, I Suspect ‘Lone Ranger’ Just Kind of Sucks

Between Bruckheimer’s complaints and Depp and Hammer blaming critics, it appears a lot of people are not taking the failure of “Lone Ranger” very well.  This is a reaction I’m not used to seeing since it sounds like it’ll only … Continue reading

Get Your Minecraft Moving: A New Trend In Gaming?

Lately I’ve seen a trend in gaming that seems intriguing. It looks like we’ve got a new iteration on the Minecraft genre – games that involve self-created vehicles that are realized with voxel technology and completely independent components.  We’ve got … Continue reading

2015: Hollywoodpocalypse?

Cracked continues to watch the potential Hollywood meltdown, and tags 2015 as the likely time it’ll go Kerflooie. This one’s actually pretty data-heavy, and they have a point that 2015 looks like it’s going to be Blockbuster Mania.  As in … Continue reading

An Look at Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV

Nice roundup at Boing Boing for your thoughts. I’ve got to say Roku sounds like they’re coming out ahead here.  I’m also wondering how they stand politically – independent or in danger of a buy-out? Still, maybe it’s time to … Continue reading

Netflix Is Going to Do Documentaries, Comedy Specials

Sounds like they have plans and are building on their success – and others. I’m not really into “Arrested Development” (funny, but just didn’t get into it) or “House of Cards” (also a lot of talent, but not my thing) … Continue reading

“Turbo” Isn’t Doing So Hot. Insert Your Own “Slow” Joke Here.

Adjusted for inflation?  Worst Dreamworks opening ever. I think there’s several factors here: The general movie meltdown occurring. It’s a new property that  . . . is about snails.   It’s also competing against animated sequels to well-loved properties – … Continue reading

Taking My Date To Cantown. Homestuck Creator To Work On Datesim

No.  Really. Now I’ll remark that this is great.  Andrew Hussie is clearly a dynamic and energized person who can create things and to say the least stick with a project.  I’m glad to see him getting even more to … Continue reading

Every Hollywood Film Seems Alike? We May Have Found Writer Zero

The book Save The Cat seems to have had . . . undue influence on the writing process in Hollywood.  As in, most of it. It’s hard to argue with the thesis of this article (especially with the checklist right … Continue reading