Living your last disillusionment

Are you living your last Disillusionment?

Does your last failure (or failures) haunt you?  Do you keep remembering that last time you were terribly disappointed?  Does the last time something important to you didn't work out keep you from dreaming?

Are you even aware if you're doing these things or not?

It's very easy to have a great ambition, or plan, or hope and have it not work out – and then you have nowhere to go, your energy is gone, you aren't sure what to do.  You may become depressed, you may become upset – and you may just drift around aimlessly.

Don't keep living your last Disillusionment.  It can happen for years – and that's time you won't get back.

Signs you're still living your last big disillusioning incident:

  • You keep replaying the issue or issues in your head to no purpose.
  • You suddenly "stop" after the disillusionment and haven't tried to improve your live, innovate, or even enjoy life.
  • You're running on automatic and have been for some time – even though you really don't care much about what's going on.

It isn't always apparent that your last big disillusionment derailed your life, but a little examination is usually insightful enough to catch it.

When you catch it, you can move on.

– Steven Savage