Convention Idea – The career table

A roundup of other convention ideas is here.

You've gone to many a fannish convention, event, etc.  There's ALWAYS tables of stuff there, from flyers for other conventions, advertisements for service,s and even giveaway/white elephant tables.

So if you're working with a convention why not suggest a career table?

Have a table just for people to put out flyers for colleges, temp agencies, coaches, online training, networking groups, etc.  People are going to look for interesting flyers and opportunities anyway – set up a clearly designated table just for career things.  Tie it into your other career events if you want.

This of course may or may not work depending on the size of your convention, interest, and space.  But properly promoted and maintained, I see it as a viable idea to try – doing it for a few conventions may let it take it off.

– Steven Savage