California Extreme – Looking Back, Looking Forward

Last year I found out about California Extreme, an event in the Bay Area where people get together to show off, discuss, and of course to play old video games and pinball machines over the course of two days. This … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #48 – Use Your Progeeky Viewpoint On Geeky Events

(For more Promoting Professional Geekery, see this Roundup of past columns.) Geek events are great for careers – they let you attend career events, network, etc.  You know I’m a big backer of going progeek at conventions and more.  I kind of … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #31 – Revive And Repurpose

When doing research for my books, I’ve found the internet is a kind of necropolis of dead and inactive sites.  Sure they’re out there, they’re visible, but nothing is happening, updates haven’t been made in years, no one is paying … Continue reading

Convention Idea – Student Associations

The round-up of convention ideas can be found here. When you want guests and events its easy to focus on the professional side of things: professional fans, professional groups, professional lecturers. Keep in mind that many of your attendees with … Continue reading