News of the day 9/18/2009

Record unemplyoment in several states – Still an unpretty picture, except . . .

The creative class is doing somewhat better employment-wise depending on profession – The graph provided is actually very informative – you can clearly see the impact of the dot-bomb.

Media and Publishing:
Google's Schmidt thinks the WSJ pay-plan won't work – Old versus new? It's interesting to see Google inserting itself into the pay-for-news issues so blatantly. Of course if it somehow WORKS, then this has repercussions for Google . . . and maybe another move in the seemingly endless-expanding Everything Wars? I don't know if the WSJ paywall can work (if anyone can pull it off, they can), but if it succeeds it changes the rules of information commerce. If it fails . . . I think the idea will be all but permanently discounted.

And on that subject, Google has some deal to print books with on-demand printer Expresso. Sounds like Google is obviously moving to printing – but also some branding. That doesnt change much for you as a writer directly, but I think it raises the profile of on-demand printing and publishing (which may be an area to look at career-wise)

Plus more in publishing tech (a lot today!) – Medallion has a Virtual Book Signing. Here's something I can buy will work – easier to attend, broader audience, everyone wins. So far not many have signed up for it, but let's watch what happens. If you're a writer, an event like this might work – you could practacally do one yourself with today's technology.

Apparently Apple DID reject the Google Voice App – Which flys in the face of what Apple says. Again, more Everything Wars – and another blow to Apple who seems to be having some cracks in its image regarding the App Store. Google, I suspect, will keep pushing this for obvious reasons.

OK did I miss something here? Lawsuits over confidential information involving Skype Founders, Joost, JoltId – Just a lot of ugliness (with two companies that don't need it). Dare I say don't be sending any resumes to any of these companies for awhile? There seems to be a lot of legal activity flying around the technosphere as of late – not sure if it's me, or if there's some trend (or chance).

Video Games:
Playfish COO discusses friend-based distribution of games – And saving marketing money. A few things worth thinking about if you're in gaming, marketing, or social media. Hey they just opened a new studio in San Francisco so they must be onto something.

And a bit of fun for the end of the week a look at startups and Buzzword Bingo

– Steve