Top of the Support Network?

Feeling tired?  Burnt out?  Yet you can't see why?  You're doing well in this troubled economy and times, better than many people you know?  Why are you so tired?

Have you checked to see if you're at the top of your support network?

Are you the person everyone goes to for help?  Are you the person who provides some valuable service to friends, fanclub, sports team, etc. – and no one else does?  Are you, at work, the only one capable of doing some task – even though you have supportive co-workers.

It's possible that, for at least part of your life – if not all of it – you are the one at the top of the support network.  That can burn you out.

It's easy to miss when this happens – and I see it happen a lot.  You can miss it because you expect to be stressed (say, at work).  You can miss it because you DON'T expect stress (say, if it happens in a fandom).  But either way it will leave you drained and unhappy.

When you're at the top of your support network, everyone depends on you.  When you fail, EVERYONE suffers.  When you fail, you fear everyone will blame you.  When you fail, it feels like it all falls apart.

It's hard to propose a solution to this – since I keep seeing it happen – but the first key is to be aware.  You can't do everything, and you shouldn't let yourself get into a situation where there's no support for you.

It's a tough time economically. A tough time career wise.  You don't need more stress.

– Steven Savage