Because Fannish and Geek Stuff is CHEAP

I probably seem rather positive about assorted geeky careers and fannish jobs in a terrible economy.  This may seem odd considering my many dire warnings about careers and a double-dip recession, but I actually am.

I am positive on video games, manga, comics, multimedia, fantasy sports, etc.

Why am I so positive?

I am positive because fannish stuff is cheap compared to many other luxuries.  I'm going to get more out of a $60 video game in hours of entertainment than owning my own boat or a name brand suit that I wear once a year.

I am positive because fannish stuff provides whole communities to connect you.  Your fancy dress, the vacation that you take because it's "expected" don't necessarily do that.  Finding an online community after blowing some money on "Twilight" will net you far more social benefit.

I am positive because fandom is bound to the expanding world of technology – which is making things cheaper faster.

In short, I am positive because this geektastic stuff is a great bargain for people.

You, the otaku, comic fan, sports freak, alternamusic nut, are on the cutting edge.  Congrats.

– Steven Savage