News of the Day 10/6/2009

Start the job search? Aren't you always on one? – Food for thought.

Anime and Manga:
Kodansha makes its move with it's own comic line. It will START with Akira and Ghost in the Shell, and appears to be (you guessed it) tapping their extensive back catalogue and looking at multimedia franchises. This is a big move – they have big titles, the connections, a backlog, and ambition and knowledge. This is going to make other manga companies (with licences) nervous, and means many possible other efforts and tie-ins – and thus opportunities. Also (see Comics news below) more shifts in the comics market.

DC comics appears to be moving to the west coast – As part of the DC reorg. If true (and so far it looks reasonable), it's a huge cultural shift for comics and represents serious changes to the DC world (and pretty much further adsorption into TW). It ALSO changes where you, the comic pro, could work . . .

Windows 7 seems very netbook-friendly, in a market that is increasingly seeking bargains – Food for thought on how machines are selling and what sells – and what sells is often cheap.

Google paid MORE for YouTube than they thought it was worth – Apparently thinking it was a premium purchase. A bit of an artifact to think over when we evaluate Google's plans and assumptions about the value of YouTube.

More trouble too in Viacom's suit against YouTube: evidence of deliberate copyright violation by employees? I keep forgetting this lawsuit is there, but it could add more problems to the legal side of the video wars.

Video Games:
PopCap raises $22.5 million to expand into social games – The major surprise seems to be that the company is profitable, and still went and looked for cash. My guess is they clearly see Facebook and other areas as important and want to move in agressively. So it's them versus Zynga, Playdom, and the others . . .

Finally some humor:
Facebook and Superheroes.

Boss Monster Wine – Yes, geekery you can drink! I support geekiness entering all aspects of lives and salute the brewers. Now, let's see if the folks in the apartment want to spring for a pack . .

– Steve