Do What You Don’t Like

Feel like you can't get anything done? Just don't have the get-up and go?  Wonder why you can't get anything accomplished.?

My advice is to work hard to do things you don't like.

That may sound contradictory, because the whole theme of Fan To Pro is about doing what you DO like.  Doing what you like motivates you, inspires you, keeps you going, and lets you do more – and more things you care about.

However, the thing is even when there's stuff we like to do, we can find ourselves facing challenges that aren't so much fun.  We can be stopped by exhaustion, disinterest, low-self esteem, whatever.  It's sadly way too easy to grind to a halt when we're on a roll – and it's hard to get going once you've ground to a halt.

So I advise, when you're faced with things you don't want to do, to barrel in and do them.  Go that extra mile.  Fill out that report you could delay.  File those papers you don't want to file.

The reason to do this?  It's twofold.

First, facing down what you don't want to do teaches you how to barrel through what you, well, just don't want to do.  It helps you get over whatever block you have, whatever fear, whatever issue.

Secondly, it can teach you WHY you gave up, didn't carry on, didn't accomplish anything.  Diving into something can be extremely educational (at times in painful ways, admittedly).

(Of course there's another tangental reason I suppose – diving in and doing what you have to do but don't WANT to do gets it done).

Actively confronting your blocks to action an success help you get through them and undo the barriers that will hold you back in the future.  In time, you'll find yourself less likely to stall out because you A) see the challenges different, and B) have worked on breaking the habits that hold you back?

Next time you don't want to do something?  Go do it.

– Steven Savage