Hard and Easy Are Not Stable

We face a lot of challenges in our life and there's many things we find easy.

Never assume that these things are stable values.

It's too easy to assume that the easy will remain easy, but there's no reason to.  That job you took due to an easy commute becomes a nightmare because road construction and relocating people tripled your commute time.  Writing about spots sounded easy until increasing international news made it harder to keep up with your subjects.  The company you were at was doing fine until the pay cuts thanks to the economy.

It's too easy to assume easy stays easy.  Never assume it will.

As a counterpart, assuming something is too hard to do also changes.  Ten years ago it was harder to get a college education, now you can do most of it on the internet.  Your knowledge of Chinese from college is more useful now than it was two decades ago.  Web pages can be made by those with no programming knowledge.  More information is available online if your job involves research.

In your career – and in your life – never assume hard and easy stay the same.  Life changes – you change.  A good re-evaluation of the challenges – and easy areas – of your life is worth it from time-to-time.  You may be surprised as to what has changed.

Or surprised as to how you've changed.

– Steven Savage