News of the Day 10/12/2009

A depressing must-read about the economic downturn's effect on Younger workers – It helps put things in perspective of just what the long-term impact of the recession will be in America (and to an extent, other countries). I will say simply if you're young, out of work, or both, you need to work hard on beating the odds, because times are tough and you need to be aware of the long-term impact of this recession on your career. All the more reason to pour your passions into something you like, really.


Hotels still in trouble despite a bit of a recent uptick. Something to remember in a travel career. I'd also note that, much like apartments and houses, people can just double up more – or look for alternate housing if they travel.

Voltron may be the next big giant-robot-animated-thing adapted to movies – Sounds like a plan for a big multimedia blitz. I just have doubts based on previous treatments I've heard of. I suppose if it does go big there will be some career opportunities.

Green Tech:

George Soros to invest $1 billion in greentech – Could stimulate the market and bring in other interests. I'm pro-greentech on both principle, and because I think it will eventually have a place no matter what – and that means career opportunities.

T Mobile stops selling Sidekick due to massive hardware failure – A big issue for them in a tough time. Read the article – this is really pretty bad. Not a resume target for awhile. Props to them for letting people drop their contracts though.

Hey Android Developers (or hopefuls), a book review on a book on that very subject from O'Reilly.

Streaming video device maker ZillionTV is laying off staff. Looks like they don't even have a business model. My guess – eventually sell-off of technology and closure, or restructuring into something else. Not promising, and another one down in the video arena.

Video Games:
Must-read article: A look at Nexon America's plans. There's a lot to chew on here, from Nexon's plans, cultural differences in gaming, and more. I'm very curious as to how Dungeon Fighter will go over as it looks like a great game – now I need to get my Windows partition set up on my Mac . . .

– Steven Savage