Discomfort Is a Sign of Growth

Ever feel like you're both achieving something and incredibly uncomfortable at the same time?

I think we all know what that's like – you're facing your demons, building something new,writing that great story – and right as you're feeling great, you're also feeling a bit nervous, uncomfortable.

When this happens it's because you're stretching yourself, pushing yourself, and that's always a bit uncomfortable.  But it's also a good sign – because it means you're going beyond your boundaries and limits.  Like a good stretch you're limbering yourself up.

Discomfort, in short, is often a good sign that you're growing as a person (or a writer, or artist, etc.)

When you look for it, you'll see these moments of "pleasant discomfort" as you break your boundaries and limits.  Keep aware of these moments as you can start catching when you're growing (which may happen at surprising times) and can take advantage of them.

One reason it's important to do what you like in your life and career is that it improves your tolerance for these moments of "stretching discomfort" so you don't back down.  When you're driven, motivated, in touch, then when the discomfort comes its easier to power through.

Next time you feel you're walking on the edge?  It's probably a good thing.

– Steven Savage