News of the Day 10/28/2009

Use a cover letter template for fast and effective cover letters – Good advice.

Consumer confidence appears to be declining – Shocking to no one of course. I note this . . . well just to note it.

See how one release can affect stock prices: What happened to Garmin and TomTom when Google mentioned free GPS 2.0 on Android. Some more thoughts on this and more here.

Is the blackberry doomed? I have to say yes – Android and iPhone offer more compelling, organized, standard options. If you develop for Blackberry, do pay attention to this article.

Motorola's Droid arrives November 6 – So sit back, grab the popcorn, and see what happens. Get a hands on view at Engadget.

Dilithium Networks lands $10.9 in venture funds. They deal with mobile and converged video. Sounds like a good investment considering the increased move to mobile and all the action the market. Toss them a resume?

An argument for why Hulu charging would be a good thing – Not sure I buy it as long-term acceptance could be throttled by short-term annoyance. Still a good read.

– Steven Savage