The New Normal varies

If you follow any economic and career news (and I'm assuming you do as you read this blog) we hear a lot about the "new normal" – what's now normal after the economic crash and changes in the world economy, and how the new normal is different from the old normal.

What I hate about this term getting tossed about is that it's done so very generally – THIS is the new Normal, THAT is the New Normal, etc.  Everything is the New Normal.

I am in no way doubting there's a lot of changes that have happened, are happening, and will happen to the world economy and our lifestyles.  You can read here how I think things have changed – and how I think people's lives will change or have to change if they want to succeed.

But here's the thing to remember – as much as the New Normal may be here, the New Normal will be different for different groups, professions, and individuals.

In short your New Normal and my New Normal may not be a thing alike.

Don't get distracted by the idea that the New Normal is somehow going to be a general thing that applies the same to everyone.  It may be useful to take a look at it in large, generalized terms, but you're going to need to know when to focus specifically on YOUR New Normal and figure out what it means for you.

A decrease in home values is different between California and Arizona.

If the games industry does well it means much less to you if you live in Alabama.

More people using public transportation is less significant in areas with good public transportation than poor or mediocre.

Pay attention to the New Normal, but pay even more attention to YOUR New Normal.

– Steven Savage