Fandom and organization

Anyone who remotely knows me knows that I tend to be organized, which is saying that the last Transformers film contains a few explosions.  I'm actually pretty proud of my organizational abilities, they've helped me on the job and to keep my own life in order (especially good in these tough economic times).  My very job, Project Manager, is based on me being good at planning.

Fandom is a good reason for this.  My hobbies are a big part of how I developed these skills.

If you get involved in fannish activities, like any activity, you have to get organized.  At worst you need to follow the plans of others – collaborate on the writing, show up for the game, etc.  You may even take on larger projects and events, planning cons, writing fanfic epics, etc.

If you have successful fannish activities, you ARE organized.

For me, it started when I got introduced to role-playing games (that required a lot of pre-planning) and shared universe writing (which took the same, as well as long-term evaluation and printing organization).  The internet let me engage in even more projects and efforts, as did conventions.  When I look back on it, a lot of the time I ended up being The Guy With The Idea (who usually had to pull it off). 

Yes, I'm naturally organized (to an extent), but fandom brought it out and helped me find out how to leverage it.

Think you're disorganized?  Take a look at your fandom efforts and think again.

For fun, sit down and list your major fannish activities.  Next to each, list what you do to get those things done.  You may be surprised.

– Steven Savage