Weekly Challenge – Relocation Research

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you know Bonnie and I are people who are aware of relocation issues from research, news, and our own experiences (such as my cross-country move).  Relocation is something that you'll have to face – either doing it or deciding why you haven't.

Set aside an evening for this one.

Your challenge for this week is to identify five places you'd like to live that are both geekily satisfying and good places for your careers.  List why you've decided that these places are worth moving.

Now that you know these places, do bit of research:

  1. 1) Where do they stand in the CnnMoney.com best places to live?
  2. 2) Take a look at the same pages city information and see if anything changes your mind or confirms your ideas.
  3. 3) Go to Meetup.com and see what kind of events are in your cities of choice
  4. 4) Go geektastic and visit UpcomingCons.com – a great website – and see what cons are in and near that location.

So, did any of this research confirm – or reduce – your interest in these places?  For that matter, how much research did you do in the first place?

– Steve