News of the Day 11/16/2009

Is China the site of a new economic bubble – I have mixed feelings on the Telegraph’s economic analyses, so like it’s analyses of Japan take this one with a grain of salt. However it does point out China may not be shifting its focus economically which can mean trouble.

Another takedown of the trope that war is good for the US economy.

A graph of # of unemployed people per job opening in major metro areas – Check here if you’re thinking of relocating – though depending on where you are this graph may make you want to relocate.

Geek Law:
Lots of copyright grants are coming up for renewal and termination – Which could shake up multiple industries. Think of how many companies still make money off of older or just plain old properties, and you see how this could be important to many media businesses.

Anime and Manga:
Funimation puts more animated series online. No one is surprised of course. This is probably not going to be newsworthy in a year or two.

Windows Mobile takes a dive – Not really surprising it’s losing share. It has some tough competitors – if you develop for it take note (and if you’re not learning Android you haven’t been listening to us or are new here . . .).

A sane comparison of Droid sales versus others with speculation Android is the real winner. A few numbers to chew over here as you speculate on the future.

Is the movie star as we know it an idea of the past – The economy isn’t helping, obviously. Food for thought in film and beyond.


Just what do consumers want in content delivery? Here’s a study. It suggests quite a few things, mostly that there’s a very diverse audience with varied needs and wants, and multiple methods of delivery will probably be needed for success. If you’re working in publishing/e-publishing this is going to be important to track and implement – if it’s possible.


Netbooks are a temporary thing? Some good questions here that suggest notebooks will squeeze out netbooks and that the term is basically meaningless. Some good points here, but I think the term will stick around for awhile, or a new one will arise for “small but functional portable computer”.

Video Games:
Disney’s Game Unit has increased losses – No reason to panic I’d say (and times are tough). Worth remembering if it keeps going. I have some faith in Disney’s abilities to make things work (and synergize), but its a tough time and werid market.

Get some insight into the Hello Kitty MMO with this staff interview – No really, what sounds like a light product and a light interview is pretty insightful. Yes, a Hello Kitty MMO sounds limited and ridiculous to an NA audience, but the interviewees put it in context.

Interesting: Warner Brothers launches a Harry Potter iPhone Game – I’m curious since the HP movies are reaching their end, and I expect WB wants to keep the cash coming.

Video game growth is Not recession proof. A few stats for a hungry mind. I’d say gaming itself has stagnated growth-wise.

-Steven Savage