Frustration Friday: Geekiness is Mainstream, get over it

And it's time for Frustration Friday, a nice, relaxing rant where I look at annoying things in the geekonomy, the fan-to-pro world, and more.

Let's talk the idea of mainstream and geeky things.

It happened.

It's over.

Geekiness WON.

Lord of the Rings, the impossible films, got made.  Harry Potter films are big business.  Science-fiction is everywhere.  Technical gizmos are advertised during the superbowl.  Grandparents are playing the Wii.  Fanfic is mentioned in news articles and on television programs.  Anime is hip and happening.

Geekiness IS mainstream.  Fans are mainstream.

Yet there's this strange sense that people into fantasy, science-fiction, video games, etc. are somehow on the outside.  There's something strange or weird about them – while people flock to theaters to watch teenage Vampire Romance on the big screen in the form of "New Moon."

Geekiness is accepted, but the acceptance isn't accepted.

All the stuff about geeks being weird or outside is nothing more than cultural leftovers, old attitudes and ritual habits.  A cargo cult mentality repeating certain phrases and put-downs and ideas that have nothing to do with reality or even the founding ideas.

I am frustrated by the fact this simply isn't acknowledged.  The zombie ideas about geeks and fans being weird and outside shamble along because no one's thinking to say otherwise.  I'm also sure the media, with its old stereotypes and thoughtless pundits and writers isn't helping either.

What is needed is for people to start acknowledging geek is good, nerd is mainstream, an fans have arrived.  It's OK, it's done, it's over.

Then we geeks, nerds, fangirls, fanboys, and otaku can put aside those old negative attitudes and get to work.  The world needs us and our imaginations and ideas.

What it doesn't need is decades-old ideas of nerdy geeks who will never be accepted in an age where Star Trek remakes are huge blockbusters and David Tennant's Time Nerd is a massive cross-cultural sex symbol.

– Steven Savage